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Here's Johnny!

Posted by Linda Cao on 2011-06-18 in RF2011-Week1
Johnny the robot - redefining the role of undergrads one qPCR at a time


Posted by Hyun Jin Kim on 2011-06-17 in RF2011-Week1
Left: Omur Kayikci (secondary mentor) Right: me

Keene on Learning this Summer

Posted by Anish Raman on 2011-06-13 in RF2011-Week1
A chance to tell a compelling story

Ready, set, culture!

Posted by Michelle Chua on 2011-06-12 in RF2011-Week1
Week 1 at the Colton lab

The Language of Drosophila Melanogaster

Posted by Matthew Jones on 2011-06-12 in RF2011-Week1
I found myself swamped in terminology I had never heard before, chemicals abbreviated so that you may spend more time using them than trying to pronounce them, and a room full of vials of flies, and fly larvae, and fly pupae, and fly eggs, and fly food.
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