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Interview with Professor Glenn Edwards

Posted by Bryan Yang on 2011-06-24 in RF2011-Week2
I wanted to do something that was heavily experimental but also reliant on theoretical modeling researching for answers in the field of biology. During junior year of college, I realized that using lasers, using light to probe biological systems from the approach of a physicist was what I wanted to do.

We Are Family

Posted by Matthew Jones on 2011-06-24 in RF2011-Week2
Look at my amazing pipette handling!!

Nina Sherwood - Fly Master

Posted by Matthew Jones on 2011-06-22 in RF2011-Week2
Nina claims the hardest part of being in the lab all the time is maintaining faith in your work. Working in the lab requires an almost religious conviction to your ideas.


Posted by John Canty on 2011-06-21 in RF2011-Week2
Here's the crew!

A Conversation with Dr. Cory Adamson

Posted by Mrinalini Prasanna on 2011-06-20 in RF2011-Week2
"Being passionate means you can’t go to sleep at night because you think about it. And when you wake up in the morning, you forget to brush your teeth because you’re in such a rush to get to do that thing that you’re passionate about."
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