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Protein Function and Membrane Fluidity

Posted by John Canty on 2011-06-28 in RF2011-Week3
A description of my project follows.

Tumor Cell Migration

Posted by Mrinalini Prasanna on 2011-06-27 in RF2011-Week3
One of the biggest impediments to brain tumor treatment is the tendency of the tumor cells to promote neoangiogenesis, blood vessel formation to support the growing tumor while infiltrating surrounding (often vital) brain tissue.

Cloning of the Inositol Hexaphosphate Biosynthesis Pathway into E. coli

Posted by Justin Kotliar on 2011-06-27 in RF2011-Week3
A description of my project in the lab


Posted by Khanh Bui on 2011-06-26 in RF2011-Week3
The long term goal of the Truskey Lab research being conducted in skeletal muscle engineering is to understand the properties of the skeletal muscle. This is of great importance in the effort to provide therapeutic treatments for patients with muscle diseases or muscular injuries.

Unlocking the contents of microvesicles

Posted by Anish Raman on 2011-06-26 in RF2011-Week3
Understanding a mechanism of horizontal genetic transfer
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