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The Joys and Woes of Research

Posted by Hyun Jin Kim on 2011-07-19 in RF2011-Week6
SCIENCE: where "FAIL" isn't always a LOL

this might be better than tennis

Posted by Michelle Chua on 2011-07-19 in RF2011-Week6
Week 6 at the Colton Lab

So why are they called monkey flowers? And other tales from the lab...

Posted by Sonya Jooma on 2011-07-18 in RF2011-Week6
A little over a week ago at my chalk talk, Dr. Grunwald asked me why Mimulus were called monkey flowers. I was stumped! As a matter of fact, my graduate mentor wasn't really sure either.

Like Sands Through the Hour Glass...

Posted by Elizabeth Tobierre on 2011-07-18 in RF2011-Week6
...The Biomedical Research Days of Our Lives

Almost There...But Not Quite!

Posted by Daria Nesterovich on 2011-07-17 in RF2011-Week6
Overall, it’s really nice to see the projects wrap up so well because it makes the time I put into them feel even more worth it.
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