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A Blockbuster Hit: "My Research and How I Got Here"

Posted by Elizabeth Tobierre on 2011-07-28 in RF2011-Week7
I learned from others who have learned and are learning more before me so I can learn even more.

Talks, Seminars, and Lots of Oreo's

Posted by Cameron Kim on 2011-07-28 in RF2011-Week7
Science is definitely not stagnant and quiet. In fact, all the time, people are talking about science.

'Fac' Chats

Posted by Kelly Andrejko on 2011-07-27 in RF2011-Week7
I began to realize the faculty really were like ‘facs’ of a different sort- they were our first year advisors into the world of science, sharing their own enthusiasm for their departments

Inspiring Faculty Talks

Posted by Mrinalini Prasanna on 2011-07-26 in RF2011-Week7
From talks on the ecology and evolution of infectious diseases to x-chromosome inactivation to basal membrane invasion, I was truly captivated not only by the research projects themselves, but how passionate all of the speakers were about their respective subjects.

Faculty Seminars

Posted by Bryan Yang on 2011-07-25 in RF2011-Week7
During the course of our research fellowship this summer, we were fortunate enough to have PI's from a variety of biological fields come and talk to us about their research, about how they ended up here and about the questions that they are currently interested in answering. It is humbling to hear about the success of our professors here at Duke, but it also offers a lot of perspective on what being a researcher means.
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