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Why am I here? What is my purpose?

Posted by Allyson Morton on 2009-06-30 in cancer, colon-cancer, tbriii, tgf-beta
A bit about my research question this summer.

Great Expectations

Posted by Arun Sharma on 2009-06-14 in Benfey, Blobe, cancer, expectations, gel, genetics, Lee, PCR, SMADs, TGF-beta
What do I expect from research this summer? I expect, mostly, an invaluable experience.

Let it begin!

Posted by Arun Sharma on 2009-06-11 in Benfey, Blobe, cancer, Cheerwine, genetics, Gerard, Lee, Sharma
This is my first blog post for the 2009 Summer Fellows Program. Here, I will be telling you a little something about myself and the lab I work in.

Serendipitous Meetings

The Journey: Part II

Christopher Counter's Enchanted Neighborhood

Posted by Douglas Patrick Henningsen on 2008-06-20 in cancer, mentor, photos, Week-2
Second week of cancer biology research - sitting down with PI Dr. Chris Counter to get deep, and showing off some pictures of the lab.