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Reflections on a Summer Well Spent

My look back at the Howard Hughes Precollege Program and where I am headed next.

Still moving along

Posted by Jenifer Brown on 2009-07-19 in end, genetics, poster, yeast
Well, after a few snags along the way, my research is finally going how it should.

Week Number 1: Daunting

The first week a Howard Hughes disappearing in a plethora of activity.

Interview with a Principal Investigator (not a vampire)

My interview with my amazing mentor Allison Ashley-Koch!

Great Expectations

Posted by Arun Sharma on 2009-06-14 in Benfey, Blobe, cancer, expectations, gel, genetics, Lee, PCR, SMADs, TGF-beta
What do I expect from research this summer? I expect, mostly, an invaluable experience.
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