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Uh, the end was a while ago. But it was still an amazing summer.

Posted by Hetali Lodaya on 2009-08-12 in Haase-lab, NCSSM, summer
On the last day of summer, I write up a post describing the end of Howard Hughes and where I'm going from here.

Is this really the end?? I REFUSE!

I finally got to put my scrappy looking Howard Hughes bag in the washer. As I turned the machine’s dial, I realized that I was just about to wash away the beauties of my bag: the dirt patches, awkward smell, and the bag filled with paper, paperclips, and small pieces of everything.

Thanks for the Memories

*looks around confused* Howard Hughes is over? Wait. . what??

I don't want this to be the last one...

today felt weird.

Reflections on a Summer Well Spent

My look back at the Howard Hughes Precollege Program and where I am headed next.
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