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Chalk Talks

Posted by Bryan Yang on 2011-07-11 in RF2011-Week5
Every afternoon this week, we as a group would get together and listen to chalk talks going over each of our own research topics.

Chalk Talks: Frustration and Awe

Posted by Sonya Jooma on 2011-07-11 in RF2011-Week5
Listening to all of the Howard Hughes Research Fellows present their work during Chalk Talks this week was nothing short of frustrating! Not because I had (too many) issues getting the gist of what my peers are working on-- these guys manage to be brilliant and articulate-- but because it's frustrating to get a glimpse of so many research projects that I will never have the chance to work on.

There's Really Nothing To Say But...Wow.

Posted by Lori Jones on 2011-07-11 in RF2011-Week5
After last week’s chalk talks, I’ve come to the realization that we, the Howard Hughes Research Fellows, are ballers.

Chalk it up to Hard Work

Posted by Suellen Li on 2011-07-11 in RF2011-Week5
We get a lot of talk nowadays about how students in the U.S. are falling behind in science, but, as cheesy as it may sound, these chalk talks have given me renewed hope in the future of America’s scientists.

An Insight into the Diverse World of Research

Posted by Mrinalini Prasanna on 2011-07-11 in RF2011-Week5
From seed germination to dog cognition to Parkinson’s research, we Howard Hughes Research Fellows are covering a very broad spectrum!
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