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Meditations XVII

Posted by Mrinalini Prasanna on 2011-07-29 in RF2011-Week8
For whom does the [research] bell toll?

Summer Epiphanies

Posted by Sonya Jooma on 2011-07-29 in RF2011-Week8
When I first began the Howard Hughes Research Fellow Program, I was positive that I would enjoy the experience. 8 weeks later, I'm happy to reveal that my experience exceeded a passive enjoyment- I absolutely loved my time in the lab!

So Long, Farewell, Not as Yet

Posted by Elizabeth Tobierre on 2011-07-29 in RF2011-Week8
Research has joys and woes but in the end it is the joys that will win you over.

Five points for (Godric) Griffin(dor)!

Posted by Catherine Wang on 2011-07-28 in RF2011-Week8
This week officially concludes the Howard Hughes Fellows Program. This past Wednesday I ran my last dog study with Emily Bray and Ashton Madison, two rising seniors at Duke. Our participant's name was Griffin, who responded to Godric and tested so well that Emily finished off the session by exclaiming, "Five points for Gryffindor!"


Posted by Kelly Andrejko on 2011-07-28 in RF2011-Week8
I am a rising sophomore in college and I performed brain surgery.
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